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Information on study abroad destinations and students' study abroad experience

I. I. Student's basic personal information
II. Activities before departure
III. Course of your internship
IV. Practical aspects of the study abroad period
V. Finance
VI. Academic recognition of your placement abroad by the home institution
VII. Special questions by your home institution
VIII. Final evaluation, your tips, recommendations
IX. Coordinator's comments
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I. I. Student's basic personal information

Academic degree achieved (select from the menu) BcA.

Home institution/university

Name of the home institution Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně
Faculty/department of the home institution (select from the menu or leave unfilled) Divadelní fakulta
Erasmus ID code of the home institution CZ BRNO03
Name of the Erasmus coordinator at the home institution Barbara Dostálová
E-mail address of the Erasmus coordinator at the home institution dostalova@jamu.cz
Field of study* (select from the menu - the menu is in English) Arts (others)
Level of study during the study period abroad* (select from list) bachelor/undergraduate

Foreign organisation

Velká Británie
Address 32 Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD, UK
Size 1 - 50 employees
Field of activity Umění, zábava a rekreace
Department Dizajn, umenie
Name of the coordinator Rory Dodd
Email of the coordinator rory@designersblock.org.uk

Erasmus sojourn


II. Activities before departure


Where have you gained information about the Erasmus programme? (e. g. on internet, from classmates) všeobecné povedomie
Co vás motivovalo pracovat v zahraničí? deepening my knowledge in the field of study
improving language skills
future career, better future job opportunities
Have you found the host organisation on your own? Partially
How was your procedure in arranging your placement abroad? Prieskum trhu, inštitúcii, kontaktovanie prostredníctvom emailu a telefónu
What documents are required by the foreign organisation within the admission/application procedure? hlavne CV, motivačný dopis (nie vždy)
How is the admission/application procedure done? Only on-line
What documents are required to be completed before the departure? (e.g. visa, work permit…) ja osobne som pracovala v Londýne, ako EU občan som nepotrebovala žiadne špeciálne víza, ani povolenie. Snáď je dobré vybaviť si EU zdravotné poistenie, resp. iné zdravotné pripoistenie do zahraničia.
How long does the the admission/application procedure take? (in weeks) 0

Language preparation

In what language did you communicate in the host organisation? angličtina
How was your language preparation before the placement abroad? (language, length of preparation, type of course, special preparation course organized by the home or host institution)? žiadne špeciálne kurzy, samopríprava
How would you evaluate your language skills as for the language in which you work abroad? (1=excellent, 5=very bad/insufficient)
Before the placement abroad 3
After the placement abroad 2
Have you participated in an EILC (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses)? no

III. Course of your internship

Before departure, had your Training Agreement been signed by both your home institution and host organisation? yes, it had been signed by both before my departure
Did you change the Training Agreement during your placement abroad? no
What is important to settle upon arrival? What are the requirements ( required documents) and on which offices?
Please describe your placement abroad in detail. (what exactly were you in charge of, did your work match with pre-arranged job conditions and with your home field of study, whether your work was independent and responsible, whether your work was interesting, approximate hours of work, etc.) Pracovala som 4krát týždenne od 9.00-17.00, plus časy, kedy sa realizovali projekty, výstavy. Základ mojej práce spočíval v natáčaní a strihu materiálu pre dizajnérsku spoločnosť, plus propagačné záležitosti.
Evaluate the access to information (the way of acquiring working material, facilities and availability of libraries, etc.)
How is the availability of computer facilities (availability of internet connection, is it necessary to have your own notebook?, possibilites of printing and copying)?
Does the host organisation (or a local student organization) organize some special events for exchange students? no
What was the method of final assessment?
During your internship, were you incorporated into working groups with local colleagues? Áno
Were you as a foreign trainee gate some special consideration from colleagues or manager? (because of language barriers, new environment ...) Partially
How would you evaluate your integration between your local colleagues? (1=excellent, 5=very bad/insufficient) 2

IV. Practical aspects of the study abroad period

Which type of accommodation did you use while working abroad? private apartment
Price of your accommodation (in EUR monthly) 240
Please explain why did you choose this type of accommodation (describe the equipment of the flat/dormitory; internet connection; recommend what to bring with you; possibility of checking in in the evening or during a weekend) Radová zástavba, klasický anglický dom, viacerý nájomníci, internet áno.
How long before the start of the study abroad period should the search for accommodation be started? What searching methods would you recommend? na mieste
Where can students have/buy their meals? individuálne- reštaurácie, fast foody, domáce varenie
What are the prices of basic foodstuffs? (Please compare them with the Czech Republic.)
How to get to the place of study, approximate ticket prices, tips for purchasing tickets letecky, nízko-nákladová spoločnosť
What are the possibilities of local transport (public transport system, bicycle, walking; approximate costs)?
What formalities should be arranged after arrival (e.g. residence permit)?
What type of health insurance did you use? (approximate cost, advantages, disadvantages, does the host institution require any special type of insurance?) Allianz- celoročné zdravotné poistenie do celej Európy, cena 120eur
Did you have experience with medical treatment abroad? (select) áno
Tips for free time activities (sport, culture, trips; are they expensive?)

V. Finance

How much was your Erasmus scholarship? (EUR/month) 806
What other financial resources did you use? (select) your own savings
What were you average total monthly expenses? (EUR/month) 800
a) food (out of the total sum) 250
b) accommodation (out of the total sum) 300
c) free time, travelling (out of the total sum) 150
To what extent did the Erasmus scholarship cover your expenses? (in%) 85
Had you received the first payment of your Erasmus grant before your study period abroad started? yes
If NOT, then when did you receive it?
How did you receive your Erasmus scholarship?
You experience with bank services / accounts (do you recommend to open a bank account abroad, using Czech bank cards abroad)?
Did you pay any fees to the foreign organization? (insurance, materials, etc.) nie
Did you earn any wages from your host organization? no
If yes, what was the amount of your monthly wages? (In euro) < 500
Did the host organization give you any other material benefits? no
If yes, which?

Did you need a larger amount of money at the beginning of your stay? yes
If yes, how much? (In euro) 500

VI. Academic recognition of your placement abroad by the home institution

_ERASMUS_AS_W_VI_INCLUDED_V1 Yes, it is optional
What is the procedure of academic recognition like at your home insitution? (What are the steps you have to follow, what are the problems you can meet?)

VII. Final evaluation, your tips, recommendations

Please evaluate how beneficial was the placement abroad from the academic/professional point of view. (1=best 5=worst) 2
Please evaluate how beneficial was the placement abroad from your personal point of view. (1=best 5=worst) 2
Please evaluate generally your Erasmus study period abroad. (1=best 5=worst) 2
Do you agree with the assertion that thanks to your experience with Erasmus placements you were able to develop your skills in working with new technologies? yes
Please evaluate the information and support that you received from your home institution. (1=best 5=worst) 3
Please evaluate how beneficial was the placement abroad from the academic/professional point of view. (1=best 5=worst) 1
Would you be you interested in some other (not necessarily Erasmus) study/work abroad opportunity? (select) no, not interested
Do you think that the Erasmus placement will help you in finding a job? yes
Do you think that you will consider working in another European country after the experience with the Erasmus placements? I don't know
Once your Erasmus study abroad period has ended, which of the aspects related to it do you appreciate most? (please select, more options can be ticked) Language skills improvement
Living abroad as a life experience
Did you experience any serious problems during your study abroad period? nie
Do you have any suggestions for your followers (e.g. what to take with them)? čo najmenej zbytočných vecí
In your oppinion – is it worth to take part in the Erasmus placement? Would you recommend it to your colleagues? zmysel to má, avšak aký to je u každého individuálne, ako dobrú osobnú skúsenosť s prácou v zahraničí to doporučiť môžem.
Please provide your comments and ideas on the functioning of the Erasmus programme.
Link to your photo gallery, blog, etc.
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VIII. Coordinator's comments

Comments and additional information by the Erasmus coordinator of the home institution
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